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Понедельник 17:00 по Мск

1 урок в неделю в мини-группе (до 8 человек)

Описание курса

Dear Parents and Students:

My name is Ami Green, a UK. qualified teacher, with a passion for language teaching and learning.

I would describe myself as energetic and enthusiastic, fully committed to delivering lessons with the highest levels of achievement and enjoyment.

I have been teaching both English and French online, to international students of all ages, for the past 5 years and must say that I thoroughly enjoy this facet of my career. Having studied foreign languages myself, I understand the processes involved and took a modern languages pathway as part of my teaching degree.

I hope that my listed courses are of interest to you and look forward to our potential learning partnership.

Debating: Learn how to form convincing arguments in a debate setting.

Kind Regards,

Miss Ami Green

8-9 классы

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