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Описание курса

The B2 course will focus on the four key skills of using English i.e. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. There will also be a strong focus on more complex English grammar and vocabulary (tense structures, formal / informal register, multi-word phrasal verbs and linking phrases). This course will also include some audio-visual lessons and students will also be encouraged to explore different writing styles and writing for different purposes. There will be a strong focus on spoken English to develop fluency and confidence and good clear pronunciation. Finally, as this is a higher level, the course will include material from the Cambridge FCE and IELTS exams and students will be expected to submit project work and give presentations. The course is designed to help students, who have already attained B1 level, to improve their skills in using English in a variety of different contexts and situations and to help them to do this in an enjoyable and interesting way.

10-11 классы

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