Simon Muldoon: English Club B1

1 600

Цена за 4 урока. 1 урок в неделю.

Мини-группа до 8 человек.


Вторник 19:00 по Мск

7 в наличии (может быть предзаказано)


The B1 course will focus on the four key skills of using English i.e. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. There will also be a strong focus on more complex English grammar and vocabulary (tense structures, formal / informal register, multi-word phrasal verbs and linking phrases). This course will also include some audio-visual lessons and students will also be encouraged to explore different writing styles and writing for different purposes. There will be a strong focus on spoken English to develop fluency and confidence and good clear pronunciation.

8-9 классы


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